The Supreme Council of the House of Jacob
of the United States of America, Inc.
"The church for all nations"

Our leadership

Since the demise of the Founder, three Supreme Bishops have successfully led the church. Father W. (Wright) Israel, J.I.S. fulfilled his assignment for 38 years. Father W. B. (Scott) Israel, S.O.T. fulfilled the position of Supreme Bishop and Chairman of the Board of Directors for 7 years. Currently, the church is under the direction and guidance of Father J. Daniel (Collins) Israel, J.O.G. who is the Supreme Bishop and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

A Board of Directors and Board of Trustees govern the secular and religious activities of the church. Day-to-day operations are carried out under the guidance of the Supreme Bishop and staff at the headquarters office in Coshocton, Ohio.

Our headquarters

The first headquarters after the church incorporation was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the Founder worked on the vision that the Holy Spirit had given him, he and the officers of the corporation, began the negotiations of the purchase of property in Princess Anne, Maryland. The Founder did not live to complete this purchase, but his Successor, Father W. Wright (Israel), J.I.S., continued to carry out the vision and lead the organization in the completion of the purchase. The church headquarters was later relocated to Princess Anne, Maryland. There is still a church in Philadelphia.

During the early years of the church, the Founder passed through Coshocton, Ohio and began to preach and teach the way of holiness. Some of the local residents united and became well-traveled missionaries and ministers.  In the early 1940’s the missionaries returned to Coshocton,  began to establish a church, and purchased property under the direction of the Successor to the Founder, Father W. Wright (Israel), J.I.S.  The church headquarters remains in the City of Coshocton today.

Our museum

The history of our church is preserved in a museum located on the headquarters premises  in Bethlehem Township and is open to the public by appointment.